Thursday, March 8, 2012

Small Diaper Bags

I've been sewing again.  Here are my two latest projects, which are WAY overdue.  Hopefully, toddlers can use these bags, too ;)

I made this bag using a long linen dress from the '90s.  I have lots of those dresses, and I have to confess I have only recently removed them from my closet.  Their long straight shape is actually flattering on me, but it's time to update my wardrobe a little.  I got my wear out of them.  BUT.... I don't want to waste all that great fabric, so I've put the dresses in my sewing stash to be repurposed.  This little bag is my first repurposing.  The lining is left over from a quilt backing, so my only expense was paying to have the name professionally embroidered.

The dress had some fish painted on it, and since I now live in Texas and this baby lives in Florida, it's much more appropriate for him than me.
This next little bag is made out of home dec weight fabric, which is what I prefer in bags just because it holds its shape better.  
I always like to add a little something extra if I can, so I made a little big removable rosette.  I roughly followed Kay Whitt's directions here, although I didn't use a ruffler because the fabric was too heavy.
I like to make my own piping
I've got at least three more of these bags I need to make soon.  They are really not hard, but I have to be inspired -- I have to have an idea in my head -- before I can feel happy about making them.  Is anybody else out there like that?


  1. These are lovely! There's something about making bags out of one's fabric stash that is just so satisfying. I firmly believe that a girl can never have too many bags although they also make fantastic presents to give away. The personalisation with the embroidered names is great.

  2. Oh my...they look you need to come over and rub some of your inspiration on me! I just love both of them....just awesome work! Go also is great therapy!

  3. These bags are wonderful! I just know that the lucky recipients will love them too. You are across-the-board creative...all your projects turn out lovely. And bonus points for lovely creations that are also thrifty!

    (Thanks for your comments about the bookshelves! :-)

  4. A PS to my comment yesterday, Gillian at tales from a happy house "tagged" me yesterday. I have posted a tagging post (as per the instructions) and "tagged" you in turn. I hope you don't mind. If it's not your thing, feel free to ignore. Not sure about the etiquette of these things.

    E x

  5. Those are both wonderful creations. I really like the way you repurposed your dress. I bought some piping string to try making my own, but haven't dared to try yet.

  6. I love your bags...especially the last one with the pretty piping. I've never tried to do sure gives it a special touch!


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