Sunday, March 11, 2012

Laundry/Sewing Room

I got my sewing mojo back, largely because of these lovely cubbies that my husband put on the wall for me:

These are four mini-cubby units from Closetmaid.  They are just the right size for my smaller pieces of cotton fabrics.  I love it.  I waste a lot of time just going in there and staring at this wall :)

One of the things I love about this house is that it has a laundry ROOM.  It's the size of a small bedroom, right off the kitchen.  So nice with because my family of seven plus the occasional houseguest = lots of laundry.  I love being able to leave the ironing board up, and thanks to the tile floors I can hang wet things up to dry without any worries.  I did just declutter in here, hauling off to the thrift store a trunkload of outgrown clothes and shoes, and bags of fabric that I could not think of any potential use for.  Remembering that this is a constant work in progress, here is a mini-tour.

This wall backs up to the kitchen.  (Yes, that's another sewing machine, but that's a story for another day.)  The blue basket holds current projects.

I keep my patterns in the bottom drawer of the buffet.  The other drawers are stuffed with various sewing supplies, fabrics, etc.
This is the door, looking into the kitchen.  It is hardly ever closed because it has a pull-up bar in it.  (Again, can you tell I live with a lot of males?  This was the only doorway in the house where we figured we could put this thing up.)
These bookshelves hold my sewing books and lots of past issues of Sew Beautiful magazines (I learned a lot about sewing from those mags).  The pink toolbox was a thrift store find and makes a great sewing "basket."  The stacking boxes are also from the thrift store and hold various supplies like elastic, piping cord, stuff like that.  The feather dusters make a fluffy bouquet.

This is a view of the inside of the upper cabinet.  It holds larger pieces of fabric:  linens, home dec weight, some clothing weight stuff.
In this picture my sewing machine is tucked down inside its desk.  To its left next to the bookcase is a stack of clear boxes that hold zippers, thread, embroidery thread, hot glue guns, etc.  The bags hanging on the shelf hold various projects that need to be completed (sshh!).  I just made the valance (like right before I took this picture) out of a tablecloth I already had.  One of these days I want to redo my ironing board cover.

And I thought about trying to hide the washer and dryer, but HEY!  this is a LAUNDRY room.  It's a working room.  You can see I have lots of ironing I could do if I wanted:) I do have some ideas to make this look better, but a little at a time, eh?
Up in the corner is one of my favorite things in the whole room, a wooden cat painted by my oldest son when he was about three years old.
And here I did start working on improving the narrow shelves, hanging up an old pillowcase passed down from my great-aunt.  The laundry tin was another thrift store find.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour.  I know I am very nosy about other people's houses myself. And also I like recording it for the sake of my own memory.  We don't always record the details of our everyday life and later on those are some of the things we want to remember.


  1. I have enjoyed your little tour hugely! What a lovely space to think & make creatively in. I so want something like your cubby holes to store stuff in so that one can actually see it. Could be happy for hours in there with all those patterns & magazines to browse through. I love sewing patterns especially ones from years ago that remind one of particular periods of one's life. And yes it's the everyday surroundings that often we take for granted that are so evocative to look back on.

  2. Oh, lovely! I am the same way, scrutinizing other people's photos for glimpses of whatever might be around the corner...there's inspiration everywhere, after all! I'm crazy about your cubbies--I'd waste a lot of time staring at them, too. :)

  3. It looks wonderful..I am inspired to get mine in some type of order. Oh my, I can't seem to know where to start. I love all of your laundry/sewing room...who wouldn't want to create in there?

    I am glad you recorded it, that is one thing I didn't do through the years and I have so regretted not having pictures of different spaces, different rooms, etc. that we have had and loved.

    Great job! You are a busy lady!

  4. One thing is certain, I'm never showing my dungeon laundry room. N.e.v.e.r. I had an upstairs laundry room in my former home and it has proven to be the one thing that I most miss.


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