Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home Grown Leaves

 leaf project
My daughter recently had to collect twenty different tree leaves for biology class.  This was not the greatest time of year for it since a lot of trees have not yet leafed out.  But she managed, and I loved the leaves silhouetted in green against the white poster board, however temporary a beauty it may be.  I love leaves in all their great variety.  I can't help but be amazed at the creativity of God.  Truly, truly mind-boggling.

I have some different leaves to show you -- a little update from our garden.  They are not tree leaves, but they are just as beautiful and impressive in their own ways.

One of these is a cabbage and one is a brussels sprout.  I'm not quite sure which is which since my husband planted these.  Lovely, lovely leaves on both.

Here's a rather blurry picture of our potato hills coming up (it was beginning to rain and I had to hurry with my photos).  It seemed easier to plant the potatoes in two long rows rather than in a box.

And here is the box of lettuces -- again, the variety of leaves is staggering, from color to shape to size to....

 I just went around the box picking about five leaves from each plant and hade nough to make a huge bowl of salad.  Above is my individual serving which, along with some sourdough toast and a small cup of soup, made a delicious dinner:)

Even if nothing else really turns out, at least we have enjoyed our own lettuce!  That's enough encouragement to keep us gardening on.


  1. Your daughter did a great job on the leaf project. I am envious of your great looking veggies. Your salad looks delicious! Wishing you a nice Sunday afternoon.

  2. Your daughter's leaf project reminds me of the semester that my son took a dendrology class in college. It was brutal. They had to collect an obscene number of leaves (I need to ask him what the number was)--all indigenous to our state! I don't think he wanted to think about leaves for a long time aferward. But he learned an awful lot about trees!

    Your yummy-looking salad is making me drool right now! (I think that I should go to bed before I am tempted to eat something. Wait! I have already been tempted...I need to go to bed before I succumb!)

    Lovely garden, Angela!

  3. Leaves...always so interesting...and look at that garden..go girl!

  4. Leaves are always so interesting and beautiful..what a creative God we have...and your garden looks great, go girl!

  5. We planted Bibb Lettuce, Simpson Black Seeded and spinach...had a lovely salad last night with grilled chicken. I do the same, just pick a leaf or two from each plant...the garden is doing well thanks to the warm days, but hoping we don't get an Easter snap!!!

  6. Oh, yum!!!! Fresh salad greens are the best. Enjoy! :)

  7. I love your salad! Missed this post for some reason when it came out but found it today. A big salad freshly picked from the garden, sourdough toast and soup is a perfect supper as far as I am concerned. Did you plant cut-and-come-again varieties of lettuce? I planted these last year and they were fantastic - kept us in salad from May till October. Finding and reading this today reminds me I must get planting this weekend! Elizabeth xx


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