Thursday, March 22, 2012

Light after the Rain

It rained most of the day, but late this afternoon the weather broke and long shafts of evening sun shone across the greens, made more vivid because they were wet.  Texas isn't known for being green, so my eyes have to feast on it while I can. 

This neglected pot has been totally replenished by mother nature.  I will probably replant it with more traditional flowers, but these weeds have their own ornamental ways about them, I think.

The fence that we built to keep the sheep off the patio:

My one-time herb garden, which was destroyed by invasive sheep and last year's scorching hot summer.  I will soon be replanting it.

A glorious post oak tree in our backyard:

The trees here don't get that tall, but they can spread wide, and I love that.

Looking toward the edge of the yard:

Looking from my front yard down the street:

A beautiful evening!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful. I love the warm glow in your photos. I would love to sit under the big tree in the shade! Hope you have a delightful weekend. Mildred

  2. What wonderful atmospheric photos! And how lovely to get a glimpse of where you live. Those trees are amazing as is the light.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh.... I love that last photo... I love dark skies and light and shadowy scenes. They seem so satisfying for some reason.

    You have an eye for the beautiful, I can tell!

    Happy day...............

  4. Gorgeous photos! I see you live in Texas...I lived there many years and loved it! I miss it!

  5. Such beautiful surroundings that you live in! I always heard that Texas had a "big sky" and couldn't grasp how the sky there looked any different than it does anywhere else - that is until I visited Texas - now I know what a big sky is!

  6. Those are beautiful photos, especially the last one.


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