Monday, January 30, 2012

More Pillowcases

I made another set of pillowcases like the ones here.  This time I used #3 cotton crochet thread and a US size E crochet hook.  

I used a soft green polka dot for the back and a yellow rose for the front (I'm loving yellows right now).

A closer look at the edging:
A gratuitous crochet shot ;)

They are a belated gift for my mom.  I hope she likes them.  They sure were fun to make.


  1. Oh how beautiful...she should love them. Love the edging, how talented are you!
    Really pretty and just to look at them is relaxing...I hope crocheting brings that same relaxation to you.

  2. Great colors, beautiful and very
    romantic cushion.

    Unn :)

  3. What a beautiful gift for your mother....they are just darling!

  4. Gorgeous!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. Oh beautiful edgings on your beautiful pillow cases. I'm sure that your mother will be delighted to have them.

  6. Oh wow, those are fabulous! Well done. :)

  7. how pretty again really love those pillowcases
    I wonder where you find the time !!

    1. Actually they go pretty quickly, and I'm naturally a slow person:)


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