Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kitchen Flowers

Lately I have been looking at the clearance flowers at the grocery store when I shop.  For just a tiny bit of money, you can bring home something that will make you happy for at least two weeks ;)

This stargazer lily kept blooming.  It's a spectacular flower, but I don't know if I will repurchase it for the kitchen because it has a very distinctive aroma -- one that my husband did not find appealing . . . .
I have some purple iris that bloom every spring and they have the same issue.  One time I cut some and brought them inside and I promptly had to take them out again.  Pee-yew! They are definitely best enjoyed outside, in the yard.

This little bouquet was marked down to $2.00.  A lot of times I don't prefer a mixed bouquet, but the price was right, and I've been very happy at how they look inside my blue canning jar.
A little close-up:
My favorite:
Now these red beauties are not from the clearance section.  They are a gift from my husband:)
I have always lived too far south for growing tulips.  Gorgeous!
And these tiny pretties came up from some bulbs that I neglected.  I had meant to replant them in the yard but never did.

Looking at British and other European blogs with all their flowers has inspired me.  I highly recommend the practice of having flowers in (and around) the house.


  1. Oh, I sooooo need to do this! Nothing like flowers to bring some cheer to a winter home! (Or to a spring, summer, or autumn home too, for that matter.)


  2. I agree...I need to do that more often, now why do I neglect that? The tulips are beautiful...all of them are...I hope you are enjoying them


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