Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Garden

Every year my husband and I put out a little garden.  It always begins with great optimism, but the reality is that we are not very good gardeners and we live in a climate that really requires a spring and fall garden -- the summer is just so hot everything dies.  Let's just say the learning curve is steep.  But we refuse to give up!

It's now time to plant onions and other cold weather crops.  So last weekend we started. It was a bit chilly, mostly because of the wind, but we bundled up and were close to the ground, which offered a little protection.
Onions ready to plant
Putting them in
This year we are doing our garden a little differently, making little boxes to keep it organized.  We are terrible at keeping the long rows straight.  Much easier planting in the box than crawling on your knees along a long row.
filling up this box with onions
It's not necessarily the optimum time to plant garlic, but the man who runs the seed store said it would be okay to plant them now.

The cloves have to planted with the right side up
This doesn't look like much, but it's full of garlic cloves.
Our garlic bed 
There is an overflow box filled with the extra onions and garlic cloves.
One box is for lettuces.

Miscellaneous greens:
Sugar snap peas, broccoli, brussel sprouts, a cabbage
A couple of the reasons we need to keep the garden inside a fence:
Latte and Mocha


  1. Go girl...I was telling Bill today we needed to get started. I hope this is your year with you garden you have been so faithful to do it each looks great!

  2. Great idea to use the boxes to contain your vegetable beds. They look very satisfying to make and to look at. It's cheering to read of planting things today because here in the UK it's still bitterly cold and snowing as I write so it will be a while before I can follow suit. Am planning though and your box idea may well figure! I like your sheep by the way!

    1. So far it seems that winter has pretty much skipped the US and doubled up on Europe. Stay warm!

  3. Good going. I'm hoping for some raised garden beds for herbs mostly. And I'm hoping that I won't have to kneel. You must be young'uns. I don't mind bending a little, but not too much. Otherwise, I'll stick with container gardening. Hope that you get a good yield for all your efforts!


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