Thursday, January 5, 2012

Homemade Gift Love

Our family had a good, fairly quiet Christmas.  I spent most of the week between Christmas and New Year's sick with a cold and didn't accomplish much.  But the weather was lovely (70 degrees Dec. 30!) and so by Saturday we had all our decorations down, including the outdoor lights.  I still need to find a box for my wreath, though.

This Christmas I only made one homemade gift:  a pillowcase for my youngest son.  I used this tutorial and fabrics I already had on hand.  I had to brush up on my rusty embroidery skills to do his name.  There is a new pillow inside the case, too.  (Both the pillow and pillowcase were on his Christmas wish list:)

My daughter, on the other hand, gave EVERYONE in our family something.

Lovely wrist warmers for me (directions are here).  I can attest that you can wear these and still crochet or write, and for some reason it is often my wrists that are cold, so these really work.

See,  I'm still working on my ripple blanket
Socks for my husband (these are my daughter's first pair of socks!!):
These are spiral socks
Slouchy hat for a brother:

Stuffed mouse for another brother:

Pajama pants for the two oldest brothers:

AND a Christmas stocking for a friend:

She's already got her plans for next this year.  People, she puts me to shame.

I look forward to sharing what we make this year, and I look forward to being inspired by all of you fellow crafters out there -- we love to see what you are doing, too!


  1. Oh I get to see what you all did...what a creative family and with a Dad that can paint, oh my!

    These are just great...and will be enjoyed by all.

  2. As you can see, I have been exploring your lovely blog. I have to leave another comment! This selection of homemade presents is wonderful! I love your pillow case - what gorgeous fabric. Lucky youngest son! And your daughter is one talented girl - those pyjama pants are just fantastic! Would love to make some for my son - any chance you could tell me what pattern she used? I have found it quite difficult tracking down pyjama patterns in the past. I had a good one for tiny people and had to keep tracing the smaller sizes on the pattern pieces in order to make sure I would still have the larger ones when the smaller ones were outgrown!

    1. My pattern is just a really old one, probably early '90s. But if you look up Simplicity patterns and type in pajamas for the family, they have quite a few. (The only complaint from my sons was that there were no pockets, and apparently they want pockets in their pajamas, so you might consider that.

  3. She puts us all to shame!
    Especially impressed by the socks!


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