Saturday, June 1, 2013

McCalls 6709 -- Bright Pink Jacket

BeaJay hit the nail on the head when she commented on my previous post "sometimes we get disappointed because we picture something else in our mind."  I had an idea in my head about that boucle sheath dress.  I also had an idea that I wanted a long spring coat to wear over it (remember, I originally thought of this as an Easter dress).  

So, I went on the hunt for a coordinating fabric.  I ended up with a bubble gum pink cotton (twill or pique) from Hancock Fabrics' clearance section.  Then I looked for a pattern.  I was looking for a longer length unlined jacket, and found McCalls 6709.  There were no reviews of it online, but I liked the simplicity of it and decided to give it a try.  (When looking at patterns, always look at the line drawings.  The cover photos or drawings may or may not be appealing, but the line drawings give you a much better idea of the actual construction).

I made view C, which is the longer length, with three-quarter length sleeves and inseam pockets.  Again I cut a 14 and added an inch to the side front and side back pieces, tapering out from under the arm.  I don't know what it was about this pattern, but it was a pleasure to sew!  I think this is the first time I've used a Palmer/Pletsch pattern, but if they're all this great, it won't be the last.

With the lapels folded back
Almost all the seams are some variation on princess seams.  I will warn you that there is not a lot of information in the pattern on how to sew those.  For that I referred to my old but trusty Singer Sewing Essentials (the link is to the newer version:  everybody needs to have some similar type of reference book on hand; I still refer to mine quite often).  Because the jacket is unlined, the seams needed finishing, which I did by sewing a line of stitching in the seam allowance and then pinking the seams.

The pattern has raglan sleeves with shoulder pads, which I made removeable by sewing velcro to the shoulder seams and to the top of the shoulder pads.  But after I finished the jacket I decided I didn't really need them; my shoulders are broad enough:)

With the lapels up
The back features a nice pleat.
As I said previously, in my mind I was designing an outfit for Easter, but by the time I finished this dress/jacket combo it was Mother's Day.  I haven't had the chance to wear the jacket yet because it's already too hot here.  I also would not necessarily have made it bright pink except I was making it specifically to go with the boucle dress.  I hope I can find some other ways to wear it as well.

But.....I love this pattern.  It has a very minimalist look, and like I said before, was a pleasure to sew.  When the right fabric jumps out at me, I hope to make it again.


  1. Angela, I love both the jacket and the dress! The dress is very classic, and you wear it well. I can imagine that this jacket could be worn with many things, from that great dress to a pair of jeans. (When the weather cools, that is!)

  2. What a lovely accessory garment for your bouclé dress! Jacket looks great on you and I love the colour. Wish it were too hot here to wear a jacket! Is that your own swing? I love swings, always have, and longed for one hanging from a tree like that when I was a child. E x

  3. It is a great style. I bought a bright pink raincoat a few years ago. I still have not had the courage to wear it. I think your coat perfectly complements the dress and you so be brave...when it cools down enough. Why wouldn't it look great with jeans and boots for a more casual, yet still dressy look? You're going to be asked where you bought it!

  4. I really like that jacket, especially the pleat in the back. That's a beautiful old tree in the background for a lovely picture.

  5. What a nice combo! You did a lovely job. That's a great color, and the two pieces complement each other beautifully!

  6. Lovely - you have done a great job. That pink will also go great with Navy blue if you have any.

  7. your coat is just lovely, and the colour will be so cheerful on colder days too! I really like the pleat in the back. I agree with BeaJay above that it will look absolutely beautiful with navy blue :)

  8. Another colour which looks really good on you. Would it look good on the dress with the spots that you made - that had some pink in it. x

  9. I will try that, Julie. And BeaJay and Carolyn, I don't currently have anything navy blue, but I will see about remedying that before the weather cools off again:)

  10. These are wonderful pieces and the colors suit you so well. Navy with the pink is a great idea, and actually I think the coat would be very smart with denim as well, if you wear it. The back has such a nice silhouette.

  11. You amaze me with your sewing Angela, I absolutely love these colors together. love the style of the jacket.
    A beautiful model you are, too.

  12. I love the pleat. Very nice. I see MK as commented above. Do you know her personally? She's a PCA pastor's wife, so I'll bet you do. I read her blog and am in a special Big Tent group with her.


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