Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Butterick 5706 Take Two -- Metallic Knit Dress

This is the second time I have made Butterick 5706.  The first time I made view D, a lace dress which you can see here.  This time I made view A, a basic shift with cap sleeves.


The fabric is a metallic knit purchased from Joann Fabrics.  It is lined with a sheer chocolate brown knit lining fabric from Golden D'Or Fabrics in Dallas.

The pattern is actually for wovens, so I made a few changes to make it work for knits.  One, I left out the back zipper and simply cut the back pieces on the fold (which way simplified construction).  Two, I cut a size smaller than my usual (a 12 instead of a 14).  However, I still added an inch to the side pieces to keep the proportions the same.

The only other change I made was to add a little width to the cap sleeves because I didn't want them to be tight.  I did this by splitting the sleeve pattern up the middle up to the seam line and spreading the sleeve somewhere between 1/2 inch and 1 inch, then redrawing the pattern.  That way the place the sleeves attach remained unaltered so that no actual seams had to be changed.

Butterick 5706 is a good basic pattern.  It has a neckline that is flattering but not immodest.  Depending on which view you choose and what kind of fabrics you use, the look of the dress can really be changed up.  This particular dress is an easy dress -- easy to make, easy to wear, easy to care for.

Also, did you see my new shoes?  They are Dr. Scholls wedges on clearance at DSW.  They are comfortable and fun to wear.  Sewing my own clothes is motivating me to update other parts of my wardrobe, too:)


  1. That looks great! I bet you get lots of wear out of it. I find that "metallic" clothing (whether fabric or shoes) is very useful and so versatile. "Metal" goes with everything. It does have a nice neckline, not low at all, but the abbreviated "box" shape is very flattering. Nice!

  2. This is a lovely simple elegant shape and so suits you Angela! You still take my breath away at the way you just adapt patterns wihtout turning a hair so that the result always looks "right" on you. It's a really clever skill. Your new shoes are lovely too - great with that dress and I guess with prretty much anything else too! E x

  3. That's a very pretty dress. The fabric is lovely, and the shoes are perfect.

  4. Like Thomasina, I am continually amazed at your ability to adapt patterns! I'd not even know what needed adapting until I had the completed garment on my body...let alone know exactly how to make the changes needed!

    What a great find, those shoes! Don't you just love a good bargain like that? :)

  5. Love your dress. Great fabric too. Very nice job.

  6. Very cute dress! Love the shoes, too.

  7. You did a fantastic job! I love the combination of fabric with shoes, very cute. Having knowledge on how to adapt the patterns to your body is a great advantage to always look perfect! Yay!


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