Thursday, January 31, 2013

Simplicity 2054 -- Winter Sparkle Dress

One more dress.  This is from a Cynthia Rowley pattern, Simplicity 2054, view A.  The fabric is a steel blue sweater knit that has sparkles in it that I got from my local Joann Fabrics, although the sparkles are hard to see from the photographs.  I was afraid the unusual fabric would be hard for my machine to handle, but there were no problems.

I cut a size 14, but added an inch on each side, beginning under the arm, for some fit insurance, and I added two inches to the length and to the sleeves.  The sleeves are almost too long now, but it feels luxurious to have sleeves this long, especially during cold weather.  This dress is super warm (in a good way).
The cowl is huge, but removable, as seen below (although I prefer it with the cowl).  The neckline is finished with a binding.  I was a little nervous about putting that in, but it fit beautifully.  I almost made it all the way through construction without using my seam ripper -- which would be a first -- but I mis-sewed the pleats on the back of the cowl, so there was a tiny bit of stitch-unpicking.

I will have to say that this dress is one of my favorites.  I don't think it will last forever -- the fabric is fun but probably not that durable -- but I've already worn it at least three times.  It is comfortable, fun to wear with boots, and I love the color.  A great winter dress.  I do wear a half-slip underneath to keep the sweater knit from sticking to my tights.

Also, if you are wondering why do I keep making patterns that I have to add width to -- why not just make it in a larger size to start with? -- here's why:  you want to choose a pattern that fits in the shoulders and upper chest.  It is relatively easy to add or subtract width down the side seams, but if I went up a size it would be too big and the shoulders and neck wouldn't fit right.  Also, patterns assume that you will have an hourglass shape -- they are graded for people whose waists are ten inches smaller than their busts or hips.  Well that is never gonna happen in my world, so there will always need to be adjustments there.  And really, that's the nice thing about sewing--you can change things up to better suit you.


  1. That's a very pretty dress, and you look so sophisticated and dressed up in it! I agree about adding inches to the width. Been there, done that.

  2. You have been so productive! And with such good effect! I like dresses like this that are just so wearable. Great with and without the cowl, I think. Whatever method you use for getting things to fit beautifully, works so I'd stick with it! E x

  3. That dress looks great on you! I can see why it is a favorite for you. Thanks also for the explanation of pattern size, etc. Very informative!

  4. This dress really suits you with or without the cowl, and looks great with the boots. I never used to wear dresses but now have a few - they're so easy to throw on and not worry about things matching. x

  5. Really cute dress, Angie! Is that one of Dave's paintings behind you?

  6. Hi, Angela
    Thank you for stopping by Spots and Wrinkles and leaving a comment. I really like your subtitle "things made, tales told" - great combination.

    I don't sew or knit, but it looks like you do a beautiful job of both.
    Have a wonderful weekend. - Marsha


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