Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Look 6096 -- Bohemian Dress

Are you up for some sewing posts?  I have a few things I did before Christmas that I would like to share.

First up is New Look 6096, the long-sleeved View A.  This pattern was chosen by my lovely daughter (tip: if you are sewing for a teenager and you want them to actually wear it, THEY need to pick the pattern or the fabric).  She liked the style of that dress, and I happened to have some fabric in my stash that I thought would work. Because this fabric was from the thrift store, I'm unsure of the fabric content, but it is thin and cotton-esque -- think about lawn-weight (lawn the fabric!) or slightly heavier.
I made a size ten, adding length to the sleeves and the dress.  My daughter is long and lean (5'9"), so this is pretty much a standard adjustment for us.  I had never made anything quite like this.  The sleeves are actually part of the bodice.  There is elastic around the sleeves, the neckline, and the waist.  The skinny bow at the waist is merely decorative.

A view of the back:
I have to say this is one of the easiest dresses I have made so far (even though the pattern itself is not designated "easy").  Her brothers teased her about looking like she was from the 60s, but I love how it looks on my daughter.  It also looks great with a jeans jacket thrown on top.

I am also happy that I finally figured out how to use this loop turner:

I have had this for awhile and never got the hang of it, but this time I realized that you have to get it started (vs. just giving it a yank, which always resulted in tearing the fabric).  But once I got it started,  it turned the narrow trim for the tie in probably five seconds flat.  AMAZING!  Now that I have figured  out the secret, I LOVE this tool:)


  1. Your daughter and her dress are beautiful! the boots just make the outfit perfect! You did a great job!! 5'9" a good height for modeling! She certainly has the figure and beauty. I agree they need to choose the fabric or pattern, maybe both.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's a very pretty dress, and it looks nice on her.

  3. What a great dress! Maybe because I am a 60's child, I love anything with a "peasant" design. (Is Bohemian the same as peasant?) Your daughter looks happy to be wearing her new dress. I know I would. (That is, if I looked as adorable as she does!) :)

  4. I love that style on doesn't translate well to mature women. You've got a great point about allowing the teen to choose fabric and pattern. Your daughter looks darling in it.

    I always enjoy learning about a new tool. Thank you! What is the trick?

  5. Always up for ypur sewing posts, Angela! Love this dress - your daughter looks stunning in it. Some of these retro designs are really lovely - much too good not to take a turn in the 21st C! I've been trying to work out how that tool for turning loops works but haven't got there yet! It looks very handy indeed. E x

  6. Love this dress and your daughter has styled it really well with the boots and jewellery. She must be the envy of all her friends having these unique dresses. x

  7. She looks fabulous.. I think she was supposed to be born in the sixties! Good job mom. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Very cute! I had a dress just like that in 10th grade. That was in 1970. I still have the pattern.

  9. Sorry about Dave's mom and that y'all have had a hard time lately. It's even harder being so far away. Garrett is in Kuwait until September. Tyler is in Russia until July, and Dylan is in Philadelphia. I have boys all over the world!


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