Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Fit the Pattern Pieces Back in the Envelope

I am definitely not the originator of this idea; I came across it awhile ago on the internet but don't remember where.  However, it is so useful that I hope it's okay to reshare it, in the interest of helping others struggling like me to get their patterns back into the envelope.

I usually trace my patterns.  I like to preserve the original pattern, plus I just find it easier to make any alterations or notations on my traced pattern piece.  I use a sharp pencil and thin tracing paper that I ordered here.  Sunni at A Fashionable Stitch has an explanatory tutorial on How to Trace Sewing Patterns, if you want more information on that. She also sells the necessary supplies.

After I finish tracing the pattern pieces I will be using, I lay the tissue sheets out flat on top of each other and fold them until they are slightly narrower than the length of the pattern envelope.  (This will work even if you cut out the tissue sheets themselves.  Just lay them out as flat as you can and start folding.)

I have a clear ruler that is slightly less than the width of the pattern envelope. You can use anything you have that would be the appropriate size.  I lay this ruler on the tissues and start folding inward.

Here are the sheets all folded up:

And here they are nicely stuffed back in the envelope:
This sure beats my old method of painstakingly trying to find and match the original fold lines, or giving up and cramming the tissue into the envelope in frustration.


  1. Yes, a very good idea. I had no idea that some retrace the pattern...brand new concept to me!

  2. Cleaver idea, I always have a hard time getting the patterns back in.

  3. great idea...mine are their envelope neat and tidy...NOT!

  4. I never would have thought of doing that. I'm one of those weirdos who carefully refolds it exactly as it originally came out of the envelope. It took me years of practice to be able to do this! Your way is easier and faster.

  5. I don't try to fit the pattern back into the original envelope. I split the original envelope and run a glue stick along the back edges and make a big x with the glue. I afix to one of those large envelopes we get in the mail. I like the bigger size and can see both the front and the back at the same time. Don't know if this idea would work for you.

  6. I do something like what Dora does - It was a huge relief when I learned to do that years ago. The patterns take up a little more space in the sewing room, but they are less likely to get torn, and I keep calmer. :-)

  7. Great idea! Also, with regard to tracing patterns, I never used to trace patterns until I came across the blog of a young girl in Australia who traces her pattern pieces onto lightweight non-fusible interfacting!! Though this does add some cost to the process, it is worth it. Being that interfacting is soft and pliable, I can pin the darts and pieces together and essentially try it on. I believe it equals less muslins..atleast it has for me!:)


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