Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookie Decorating Party

This past weekend I hosted a Cookie Decorating Party.

I'm usually not one to ice cookies -- normally a little colored sugar is all the decoration I do -- so this was new territory for me.  I got some Christmas cookie cutters from the dollar section at Target and went to town making cookies of various shapes.  All in all, I made over 13 dozen!  (I have to add that this was probably overkill -- all my decorators pooped out before the end, so a couple of dozen cookies had to go "naked".)

I organized them by shape, ready to be handed out at the party.

I found this recipe for the icing, and it worked great!  There were four colors of icing:  white, red (i.e. pink), blue and green.  My husband picked up four piping tips and some disposable bags.  I already had various doodads, sprinkles and such for added decoration.  After covering the table with newspaper and  providing each participant with a plastic placemat (boy, those things are useful!), we were now set.

Ten or so young people -- most, but not all, girls -- showed up.  I thought their cookies turned out so cute!
Love the suspenders!
Abominable snowman?
Making sure to get some chocolate in
These poor cookies had already been taste-tested ;)
A non-traditional look
Nice hair, gingerbread girl!
I like the look of surprise on the snowman

And my not-entirely-successful attempt at making the light above the table festive:

I'm off to wrap some gifts and plan our Christmas menu!


  1. What a pretty light! You've decorated it beautifully. Thanks for the support in the demise of the oven. I think I'm getting a few stove-top ideas and thanks for yours. I can use the crockpot for dinner. Should be okay!

  2. OH! now I get to see pictures of all those cookies...oh my, you are a cookie baker and what a great idea. I pass the "cookie bomb" title on to you!


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