Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tour

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.  In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.
-- John 16:33

I have had the above verse on my kitchen windowsill for a little while now, not because I have any particular tribulations at the moment, but because of what Jesus says right in the middle:  BE OF GOOD CHEER, I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.  What an unusual thing for Him to say -- "be of good cheer." But I love that He said it.  And since He DID say it, I am trying to be more intentional about celebrating -- not just Christmas, but life in general.  To that end, I have been decorating and trying to "cheer up" the house.  Have a look-see, if you want.

This wreath is a new purchase.  I love all the red in it, especially against my red front door. I did add the jingle bell, which is peeping out from under the bow.

This is our tree in the daytime.  All the lights are round and multi-colored (multi-sized, too).  While I admire more elegant trees, for myself I always choose the more Grinchy look :)

I made this tree skirt last year (with this tutorial).  The fabrics are probably from the eighties.  At one point my MIL had made a bunch of Christmas sacks and they weren't being used anymore so she gave them to me.  I decided the fabric would be better used in a tree skirt.

A few pics of ornaments:
A ceramic Santa painted by my husband
 Clay Santa and colored angel made by my daughter
Bird in basket was a gift from a Chinese friend in college
One of several crazy gingerbread clay people made by my brother and sister-in-law
This little plastic ornament used to hang on my grandmother's tree
Snowman painted by my husband when he was a child
Here is the mantel.  New this year are the garland and the lights.

Our stockings were all made by my sister and my mother.  My sister did the cross-stitching and my mother did the rest.

Because the mantel is brick I have to use stocking holders.  These are a little modern looking, which I think suits this fireplace.

A Christmasy table runner on the coffee table.

A nativity scene on the dining hutch.

Another nativity scene on the piano.  Unfortunately, Joseph went missing many years ago :(  At least the wise men still come.

This wind-up Santa is in terrible condition, so I put him high up on top of the clock (which I see needs dusting).  I'm sentimental about him because my great-grandfather gave him to me when I was a baby.

Some other Santas on my bookshelves.

This one was painted by my sister

This jolly old elf was knitted  by my daughter
A few other Christmas figures
Snowman (he needs a scarf)
Rustic angel
A thrift store treasure.  He actually stays out year round.
Christmas village on top of the piano
This wreath on the bathroom door was a made years ago by a little niece who is now a grown woman with children of her own.

This ceramic ornament was filled with Hershey's Kisses, but they are long gone. (Don't worry.  I've made lots of candy to replace them.)

May you have good cheer both in your homes and your hearts this Christmas season!

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  1. I never got to see your house for Christmas this year...what a blessing to see it here through catch the beauty of your home and the love that resides there in glad I got to come in through blogland.


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