Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not Instant Gratification

Waiting for me to quilt
This quilt, which is for my second son, is my biggest work-in-progress.  I have been working on it a long time, in little bits for at least three years.  It's entirely handpieced and hand quilted.  I'm quilting it in a fan pattern.  I've got a row and a half of fans yet to quilt, then I need to decide what to do in the borders.  The binding is ready and waiting to go on.  I have been neglecting it in favor of more "instant gratification" projects, but it is calling me to push on, we're so close to the end.

Here it is all spread out:

The pattern is a variation of Storm at Sea

And here you can see some of my stitches and my chalk marks for stitching:

I am marking half the lines and freehanding the lines that run through the middle.

And here is my quilting hand, armed and ready:

I love my quilting bling :)

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  1. Thank you for visiting me at Thinking About Home...and for leaving your kind words!

    Now it is my turn to be inspired by you! My quilting project is so much smaller than yours. And yet it sits, unquilted, after piecing it over two years ago. And it is just a "throw" size for Heaven's sakes! I have begun to quilt it twice and hit some snags. Yikes!

    Guess I need to look closely at your work, and dig in again!


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