Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Little Fall Confusion

It's been a very long summer with almost no autumn this year.  This golden raintree is about all the fall color we have around here:

It's kind of a butternut yellow --

The loropetalum is slowly adding some red:

Meanwhile this sage has returned in full bloom after our scorching summer:

 This little plant (which I have forgotten the name of) also still blooms on. (It may look like a weed to you people in more humid climates, but in Texas this is an ornamental beauty).

I have to say that Texas sage has become one of my favorite plants.  It THRIVED on our most miserable hot drought of a summer and has bloomed over and over.

 Here's a closeup.  I love the gray-green leaves and the purply-pink blossoms.  And I really love that it does all this with almost no care.  It pays to get native plants.

But here's where the confusion enters.  In the midst of the golden raintree's last hurrah, my neighbor's Bradford pear has decided to skip winter and go straight into spring:
And it's not alone.  Daffodils are also poking their leaves up. I'm not quite sure what to make of this.  For now I will just enjoy a little color, even if it's out of season.

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