Friday, November 25, 2011

Hatbox of Hexagons

This is a hatbox I got several years ago.  I keep it in my laundry/sewing room.

Here's the top.  Isn't it pretty?  Let's take the lid off and see what's inside.


Lots of flowers!

These are all for a flower garden quilt for my daughter, which is the next quilt I'll be working on after I finish the Storm at Sea.

Some of the fabrics are new, some are leftovers from older projects. Altogether there will be between sixty and seventy flowers, two of each kind.

The color is off due to November's gray days.  The green is more of a pale lime green.

They are all hand-pieced (mostly while in the car). Here's a view of the back:

A few close-ups:

I love these bees.

This flower is made of fabric from one of my great-grandmother's dresses.  I never knew her.  She died when my mom was ten, but she was well-loved.  My mom had a few of her old dresses.  They were so tiny!  Again, I'm trying to think of what to do with these fabric inheritances, and it seems better to me to go ahead and use them in something than to keep them stuffed in a drawer.

Here's a close-up of her dress fabric:

I have about fifteen more flowers to make, and then I will start sewing them together.  Right now this is a low-pressure project.  Higher priority has to go to the quilt in the frame.  But this one is more portable, so it gets worked on a little here and there when I'm riding in the car.  I'm deathly afraid of being stuck somewhere with nothing to do, so I keep it stuffed in my purse, at the ready.  And, little by little, it gets done!

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