Friday, June 1, 2012

Crochet Pleasures

I am still working on my ripple blanket (a la Attic24).  I am getting close to the end, so close that I will not allow myself to start any more crochet projects, no matter how small, until this is done.
The weight of the cotton feels so good resting upon your lap or your legs.  One of the great pleasures of crochet is that you can lie in bed and work on it ;)


  1. Love it love it...great pictures also!!

  2. Work on it, and work under it! It does look awfully cozy.

  3. Hello Angela, so nice to be able to visit you, your Afghan is absolutely beautiful I love the colors. I know what you mean by the feel on the yarn, I am using one that I crocheted over 20 years ago, and it still serves me well. Although I am laying plans to make a new one, but with all my food preserving, it might have to wait until fall. lol
    I enjoyed catching up on your last two posts. your flowers are beautiful, and the chocolate zucchini bread looks yummy. I have some zucchini that I will soon be gathering, and I am going to go and bookmark this recipe. Taste of Home has the best recipes.
    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment. I apologize for not coming by regularly but when I am busy with the garden I am not on my computer at all and because I enjoy blogging so much that once I turn my computer on I am on it for hours, and nothing gets done, ~smile~

  4. Your ripple blanket is just lovely and I am so with you on the feel of blankets made in cotton - they have the most wonderful heavy softness without being too heavy. And they are also practical as they wash really well I've found. Wish I had your discipline about finishing one thing before starting another! E x

  5. Great work and colorful! Thanks for visiting, yes you can pin my post dear!

  6. Lovely ripples! That's why I love making an afghan, too, for the weight and comfort on my lap. Thanks, also, for the to follow it.

  7. Lovely blanket, I know what you mean about starting new project when others are half way, good luck and hope u finish very soon!


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