Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Birthday Present and a New Project

I was out of town for a couple of weeks visiting family, and look what greeted me when I got home:
I love the fabrics and the big velvety ribbon

a birthday present from my friend Elizabeth of Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse fame.  My birthday was a couple of months ago, and little did I know that someone was working on a gift for me :)

It is a crochet hook roll and inside was tucked a raspberry colored crochet hook:
I wasted no time filling it with all my crochet paraphernalia.  Everything fits beautifully -- hooks, scissors, stitch markers, yarn needles, even the pattern for my current project.

The little flap folds down to keep everything safe -- no falling out of the top.

Mrs T, thank you from the bottom of my heart:)  Truly one of the best parts of blogging is making new  friends from around the world.

I wanted to take a little break from blanket-making and venture into some new territory (for me).  Here is the beginning of my new project -- a free crochet tote pattern on ravelry.  (Note:  if you decide to make this tote, follow the corrections listed.  Otherwise, your square will not turn out -- ask me how I know).  I saw a multi-colored tote that I really loved, so I am trying for a similar effect with this self-striping yarn.
Bernat Mosaic Yarn -- Optimist Colorway
While this is a smaller project - only 16 squares - it's a good skill builder for me: joining squares together, making straps, lining a crocheted bag.  It is also a great travel project, and I'm happy to learn a new block.

I love these colors, but if you want to see similar blocks worked up in a very different -- but beautiful -- color way, go visit little cotton rabbits, where she is making up a blanket.

Hope your summer is filled with fun projects!


  1. What a fun gift...your squares look wonderful and I do love the colors

  2. What a lovely gift! And aren't surprises nice? :-)
    As always, your project is beautiful, you crafty girl.

  3. So glad you like your birthday gift! So nice to have a friend the other side of the world to send things to! Lovely to see it all filled with your hooks and bits and pieces! I have made several of these including one for me and I find you can cram quite a bit in! Your new blocks look great - I love the way your self-striping yarn comes out - going to check out your link to the pattern! Only 16 squares you say.... might just follow suit! E x

  4. Just wanted to stop by to say Hello. I might not comment regularly but I do read your post. Stay Cool!

  5. Your squares are wonderful. Today I decided that I need to make something for the back of the sofa. It looks like a great black hole in the living room and with the lack of sun even on a sunny day, it's intolerable. So I'm thinking something nice and light. Thanks for the link!

    What a great crochet hook roll. I made one out of an old fabric book cover for paperbacks and it's not quite working.

    (I don't comment often because of the word verification. So hard for me to read and then it just gets frustrating.)

  6. Perfect! Come snag the "Word Verification Free" button on my sidebar. Right click, save'll find your comments go up, I'm pretty sure!

  7. The crochet hook holder is such a practical design and so pretty, what a lovely present to receive :)

    your squares are beautiful! I'm sure your finished tote will be just lovely!


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