Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garden Update

Thanks to a fairly moist spring, our garden is still coming along.  The onions are just about done:

The squash had to have a little help to defeat its insect predators, but is now doing well.  A few little yellow squashes have already been harvested.

The tomatoes are growing, some better than others.  I have a whole square of Romas just for drying (not pictured).  This is not an ideal climate for tomatoes -- too hot -- but hopefully we will get a few good ones.   Storebought ones just never taste the same.

This is our pepper plot.  I have to say they are not looking too good.  (I do like these colored cages, though :)

The potatoes -- at least the above-ground parts -- are looking pretty healthy at the moment.

I'm not too sure about these beans, though.   We are happy that the corn has come up -- we've never even got this far with corn before.  I would love to get enough corn to freeze some of it.

I can't take any credit for the garden.  This year it has been 99 percent my husband.  And gardening here is not easy.  The soil bakes into a hard clay, and last year was so hot and dry most things shriveled up and died.  Those searing hot days are reaching for us, it seems.  We have already had several days in the nineties.  On one of those hot days, I was entering a store when a white-bearded man in a wheelchair was exiting.  He looked right at me and said "It's gonna be hell in Texas."  It startled me; it was as if I had just received a cryptic word from a prophet.  I knew just what he meant, though.  Summer, with all its harshness, is coming.


  1. It looks wonderful....and I love the colored cages, so much fun. Give that hubby a pat on his back...and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful Angela, and a lot of hard work too. many happy returns on your husbands hard work.

  3. Love this glimpse into your growing ground. The coloured cages are great - can only get black here. Very boring! I am so impressed at the variety of things you grow - I have it in my head that corn is notoriously temperamental to grow so am particularly impressed at that!

    It has been raining continuously and heavily here in the UK for the last fortnight and it is very miserable, grey and cold - I would swap it for days in the 90s any day! Never mind your prophet of doom! Reminds me of that joke about the couple in Minneapolis going on holiday to Florida which goes something like this: The husband for business reasons travels a few days ahead of his wife. He emails her to say "Arrived safely although journey was a bit slow. Looking forward to your arrival in a couple of days time. Expecting you around midday. Your loving husband. PS It's blazing hot down here!" All unexceptionable except he mistypes a letter in the email address and it goes not to his own wife but to the wife of a recently deceased pastor who receives it on the day of his funeral and reacts understandably with rather a nasty shock! Sorry, not a joke in the best possible taste possibly but it made me laugh (and still does)! For the record however I don't believe hell is the frying pan version so beloved of Medieval paintings though so don't panic, anyone!

  4. Hey Angela! I stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed looking around here and I'm your newest follower.

    Your garden looks great and I'm sure you're gonna enjoy the fruits of your hubby's labor! Also, your "snake" post was really scary! I'm in AZ and the rattlesnakes are out of hibernation now and on the prowl for a mate. Next door neighbor had one on his front porch and another neighbor had one in his yard. I guess that's what happens when we live in places like you and I.

    Oh, and your donuts looked fabulous!!!! I gonna have to cook me up some!!



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