Friday, August 1, 2014

Simplicity 2219 - Camouflage Maxi Dress

My last dress is a go-anywhere dress.  This dress definitely is not.  Instead, it is my frivolous and fun maxi for the summer.  Back in the spring I somehow got in my mind that I wanted to make a camouflage maxi dress.  What, you don't have one on your wish list??? I hope you have something equally as crazy:) 

I had a pattern (Simplicity 2219) for awhile now but the holdup was the fabric.  I wanted a decent knit with some stretch and I wanted a particular kind of camouflage (not blue, pink or brown).  After much searching, I finally found some fairly hefty cotton jersey from Girl Charlee (sadly, I don't see it on the website now) and ordered it.

The fabric was a good price and I thought I ordered extra - so much extra that I could maybe make a T-shirt with the leftovers - but it was 100% cotton and must have shrunk quite a bit during the prewash.  And I added two inches to all the skirt pieces. Also, there was a flaw along the selvage edges, which normally wouldn't matter, but I ended up needing all the fabric.

Anyway, when laying out your pattern on your fabric, make sure you have enough for the large pieces FIRST.  I didn't and ended up having to cut the back skirt upside down.  I also had to put a center seam in the back skirt because of fabric shortage.  Luckily, in this particular print, I don't think it's too noticeable.

I made my usual size 14.  I usually add to the side seams, but it was unnecessary for this pattern.  In fact, I think it is still a little too big, and I wish I had gone down a size and made a 12.  I kept taking in the sides trying to get a better fit.  Other pattern changes:  I raised the front side pieces by half an inch to insure bra coverage.

I will say that there are a lot of pieces to the bodice and it was very confusing remembering which was which.  I suggest labeling each piece with a sticky note, especially if you are lining with the same fabric.  Someone else suggested skipping the underlining and I second that.  I tried to underline but all I did was make a big mess -- it is too hard to tell what you are doing, better just to leave it out.

I was hoping the gathered bodice would add a little more shapeliness to my rectangular/cylindrical figure, but I don't think that happened.  However, those of you who are a little more buxom may find this to be a very flattering pattern.
Despite its flaws, I still love it, and it is a great date outfit for summer outdoors activities (not that I've had much opportunity for said dates this summer, I have to admit).  Also, it is so comfortable you could sleep in it ('secret pajamas', right?).

Doing outdoor photo shoots in Texas has its difficulties.  The gate behind me has been broken by a falling tree.  The wind is picking up here, and I look as if I'm trying to hold on to keep from blowing away.

Another wind-blown look:
And here is the true hazard of my yard - goat head stickers:
They are everywhere and almost impossible to get rid of.

A less wind-blown look:
Lastly, a close-up of my wooden earrings from Green Tree Jewelry, an etsy shop discovered by my daughter.  Check them out:  they have lots of fun, inexpensive earrings and great service.


  1. Fantastic! So funny, I have been almost craving something in cameflage lately, was thinking of maybe a bomber jacket. But I really like the look of your maxi, and it's much more usable. Goat head stickers - yuck, aren't they awful! As bad as beggar lice, but hurt! You're looking good...

  2. You can expect an invitation to the Robinsons' any day now! That is a cute pattern, a cute fabric, and comfortable scores high with me.

  3. I love the camo maxi! I've been thinking about making a camo sheath dress. I love the earrings, too, very pretty and the shape is great!

  4. I'd love a maxi dress but they're all way too long for little old me - and I'm lacking in the buxom department too! x

  5. Girl love the camo print and racer back bodice.

  6. That is a lovely fun summer dress. Gee those spiky things looks painful.

  7. Angela, you know I don't have anything too crazy on my wish list! (Remember the red sweater?) ;) But, girl, you are rocking that camo maxi! And, as always, I am amazed at your sewing skills and how you know just what to do to make something yours.

  8. I must admit to previously not connecting camouflage with maxi dress - but i'm glad you did. What a fab look.

  9. Cute, cute!!! I could never, ever pull that off though -- I'm so uber conservative in what I wear, it's ridiculous. Ah well. Sewing is clearly your niche and your joy :) And those earrings are darling.

  10. A camouflage maxi dress, this is the coolest!

  11. This is wonderful !! I love your "crazy" print fabric and it fits really well on you. You have a fun summer dress in your wardrobe now, dear lady.

  12. Hi Angela. Nice dress. I never knew what the little sticky plants where. ;-) I don't see them anywhere in my neighborhood.


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