Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Connections

Last summer I was contacted by email by someone who was searching for an out-of-print pattern, New Look 6751.  She had seen a review I had done of it here and asked if I might be willing to sell the pattern.  I wasn't quite ready to do that, but I suggested she could borrow it, and she took me up on that.  Little did I know that she was in Queensland, Australia!

So, I went down to the post office and sent the pattern off from Texas to Queensland.  I was not in a big hurry to get it back, but in December Christine contacted me saying she had put it in the mail.  We missed a week of mail in December due to an ice storm (hard to believe since this week we are in the sixties), but a little before Christmas I got a fat envelope from Queensland.

I was only expecting the pattern, but when I opened it there was a lovely notecard with a kookaburra and some Christmas paper!

Inside the paper were some lovely gifts.  A beautiful tea towel with a map of Australia (whose photo needs to be rotated but I'm not blogging this from my computer so I don't have access to my photo files at the moment):
Also, this little pouch --
which unzips into a tote bag:
And these adorable little clip-on animals, all icons of Australia:
What a lovely surprise to open all these gifts!  My husband was quite impressed that I had received a gift all the way from Australia.  Thank you, Christine!

I have to say that making these kind of contacts through the internet has been so much fun and so nice!!  It really gives a boost to your day when someone on the complete other side of the world has given you a little thought.  I have always enjoyed making connections with people, and even though a lot of us may never meet in person, it has been (and is) such a pleasure to get to know some of you.

Here's to many more happy connections between us all for 2014!


  1. What a great story! Your generosity was certainly rewarded with some great keepsakes from Australia. I particularly admire the tea towel. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  2. What a wonderful surprise! Those are such nice gifts. I really like the tote bag.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. It is so great to connect with people all over the world.

  4. How sweet and thoughtful of her! There are some wonderful folks in Blogdom!

  5. How sweet and happy! That's great. I do love the connections we make world-wide, among kindred hearts.

  6. Lovely story. Here's to many more happy connections.

  7. What a lovely story - and what lovely people!

  8. That is so neat. I love that God unites His body all over the world through the internet and blogging. You will always smile when you see those fun gifts.

  9. That's a lovely pattern so I'm not surprised Christine was interested in it. What a wonderful surprise to receive those gifts too. A perfect example of the old expression about one kindness being returned multiplied. x

  10. Such a heart-warming tale, Angela! And what fun to share a sewing pattern across the world like that - I love it! As you say it's these connections that become tangible as well as virtual that are really special. E x


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