Monday, September 9, 2013

Simplicity 1716 -- Red Cowl Top

One of my summer sewing goals was to make some tops.  I do wear the dresses I make, but tops/shirts are what I need the most in my everyday wardrobe.  It seemed like a reasonable goal, but I have hit a rough patch in my sewing where things are not turning out the way I envisioned them.  So, the only wearable top that I made was this one.

It is view E  from Simplicity 1716.  I made a size 14, adding one inch at the side seams for some extra room and omitting the sleeves.  The fabric is a drapey knit with a crepe-like texture that I purchased for $3/yd. from FabricMart during one of their sales.  I was considering using the rest of the fabric for a dress, but now I'm not sure because it doesn't have good recovery.  Also, when this fabric gets washed, it feels AWFUL, like I've soaked it in salt, but then when it comes out of the dryer it feels fine again.  Not sure what's up with that.

Anyway, I really liked this pattern, especially the pleats at the shoulders and the way they drape.  I tried to show it here but solid fabrics are hard (for me) to photograph.

Hmmm....looking at these pictures makes me think I might have made it a little large, especially in the armholes and at the hips. I think some of this can be attributed to the fabric, though. In the back view you can see that the fabric has not recovered well around the hem.
Despite its flaws, it is a comfortable top to wear, plus I made it so I would have something to wear with these shoes (another thrift store purchase:).
I wanted to show you how well it also goes with my zebra handbag, but I got tired by this point and had to rest my eyes;)
The funny thing is I have another outfit just like this in reverse:  a short red pencil skirt, a black cowl sleeveless top, and black sandals.  That outfit goes with my zebra purse, too;)


  1. Good looking top! Fabric might be rayon, it always feels funky when it's wet...

  2. Zebras are so agreeable; they go with everything :) haha! I see what you mean about the nice drape. It's very pretty. I almost NEVER wear red, esp. near my face, but it looks good on you! And those shoes are DARLING, but I do have thing for shoes. Sigh!

  3. Those are the cutest shoes! I like the top and the draping from the shoulders. Hope that you use this pattern in another more friendly fabric someday. Great color and it looks fine.

  4. Great job on the top, Angela, love the whole outfit, and since I am a shoe person, I really love those red shoes. Love seeing your creations, Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks fine to me - I'd never have noticed any problems with fitting if you hadn't pointed it out so it's obviously just your highly skilled perfectionist tendency showing through :) The red is a great colour on you and I love how you've styled it - fab shoes and bag! x

  6. Great top - makes the whole outfit very nice.

  7. Looks great Angela! Very smart and yet also very wearable - the best of all worlds! I love wearing red as the weather turns cooler - you look great in the black / red combination and the shoes are the perfect finishing touch! I think I'll come thrift store shoe shopping with you! E x

  8. It is such a cheerful colour, and I like the cowl neckline a lot. Maybe if you are not happy with the hemline you could wear it tucked in :)


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