Monday, May 6, 2013

Some New Friends

These past few months my daughter has spent some time here and there sewing up some new friends.  This beautiful girl is from the Clara and Pearl pdf pattern from  Gingermelon Etsy shop.
With her jacket on:
A little close-up:
Showing off her shoes:
She is made of wool felt ordered from A Child's Dream Come True.  The trim on her dress is tatting left over from my smocking days.  She is entirely handsewn.

And now let me introduce you to the mouse family.  Mama Mouse (her cardigan was designed and knitted by my daughter):
Papa Mouse:
Son Mouse (he's a little large to be "Baby Mouse"):

The mouse family was the featured cover project on Issue #11 of MollieMakes, a great craft magazine
 full of cute projects.

All the mice were also completely hand sewn.  Their bodies are made out of white muslin and their clothes were from fabric scraps (of which we have plenty around here).

I love the little creatures my daughter makes (and so does she), but we don't really know anyone else who feels the same way.  We sort of keep this part of ourselves under the radar.  Do you love little dolls and animals?  Or do you have some parts of yourself that you don't necessarily share with "just anybody"?  It's somewhat ironic that we can share things with people we haven't met and yet feel funny about sharing them with people we know in real life, but I think it's because most people that read our blogs feel some identification with us and our interests -- otherwise they wouldn't keep reading:)


  1. Your daughter is one clever needle woman (sewing and knitting needles both!) - her makes are adorable! I especially love the little mouse family! I think you're right - not everyone "gets" why makers and crafters make what they do and it's one of the really lovely things about bogland that one "meets" people who do even if they aren't on your doorstep but half a world away! I have always had a soft spot for my collection of dolls and toy animals around the place and many of them like my ebullient crochet mascot "Duck" have acquired very distinct and entertaining personalities of their own which add imaginative delight to all sorts of mundane situations or activities. This seems to me an unequivocal blessing of imagination and many quite famous creative people have this sort of thing in their background - think of Charlotte Bronte or AA Milne for that matter so cherish it and give it free rein! For those who don't understand I fear it is their loss! Do the mice have names? I hope so! E x

  2. Those are so cute! I don't think we ever outgrow enjoyment of cute little dolls and animals. I really like the hair on the girl doll. I've never seen doll hair made of felt. The tatting is wonderful, too. What fun!

  3. Adorable! The little doll reminds me very much of one I have had for years and the Mouse Family is precious. Hope that your daughter keeps right on using her creativity.

  4. The doll is so sweet and I love the mice. I saw them in Mollie Makes and got as far as buying the interfacing and some yarn for the cardigan! Your daughter did a great job. x

  5. I just can't get over how crafty Emma is. She does such nice work. And the little mouse family is adorable!

  6. Work adorable, your daughter is very creative! I agree that many times we find people related to our interests spread across the world ... it's as if we knew these people forever.

  7. She is soooooooooo talented...and you know I think it isn't fair that my only daughter could care less about making anything and you got one that loves to create...LOL Give her a big hug for me...I love her work. These are great.


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