Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meet George.....and Harry

These little monkeys were knitted by my daughter, using the directions in Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson.  The first monkey, who we'll call 'George', was commissioned by a friend of mine who is expecting her first grandchild, a little boy, to be born any day now.  She and her daughter had seen my daughter's other toys (you can see some of them here), and they wanted one, leaving the choice of animal up to my daughter.
George turned out so cute that my daughter made another one for her younger brother.  We'll call this monkey 'Harry.'
Both were made using sock yarn from KnitPicks.  We ordered it from there because the only sock yarn we can find locally is variegated, which wouldn't give the monkeys the striped effect.  Because George is for a baby, he is stuffed with plain stuffing.  Harry is partially stuffed with plastic pellets, which makes it easier to sit him up, but the pellets tend to settle, so he is not as fluffy as my daughter wanted.

There are plans for a third monkey, but knitting those skinny arms and legs in the round got tedious, so my daughter had to take a little break before further monkey business.

Don't you just love the little topknots?
"Ah, this is the life!"


  1. ::squeals:: George and Harry are adorable! :D

  2. They are darling...monkey business indeed.

  3. What fabulous monkeys! Your daughter is so clever! Love her other toys too in the post you link to - that giraffe! I find knitting a lot more challenging than other crafts and the idea of tackling trying to make things this complicated makes me nervous to say the least so I always have extra admiration for those, like your daughter, who can negotiate such patterns so beautifully. All power to her needles! E x

  4. so cute..she does such great why is it that you got a daughter who would create with you and mine never has the time...and never did? LOL
    I love these...too cute

  5. They're both so cute but I'm particularly partial to George and his pose in the last photo. Made me smile! x


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