Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mountain Fun

Lower Falls at Graveyard Fields
We didn't just stay in town during our time in North Carolina.  The other great thing about Asheville is that it is near all the fun things to do in the mountains.  The above waterfall was at Graveyard Fields off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The pool at the bottom was icy-cold but my youngest was bravest and jumped into the pool off the rock!

These next pictures are at Sliding Rock, near Brevard.  It's a natural waterside that dumps you out at the bottom in another icy-cold pool.  I had been here with my church youth group about 30 years ago (!!!!).  Remembering how fun it was, I really wanted my kids to do it.  They of course had a blast.
Number Five coming down
Lots of other people (of all ages, including grandparents) were there, too -- you can see a little bit of the line on the left -- but it was quick-moving, not much of a wait at all.  To me this was way more fun than an amusement park (and a LOT cheaper:  $1 per person for as much sliding as you can do).
Numbers Three and Four zipping down
Just a mile or so down the road from Sliding Rock was Looking Glass Falls.  You could do some swimming there too, at no cost:)  If you look in the distance there is a person getting close to the falls.
And that adventurous soul who had to touch the waterfall is my daughter!

On our way home from our water adventures, we passed this beautiful field of elephant ears and canna lilies.
These elephant ears were nearly as tall as my eleven-year-old!
I was sad my older two sons weren't with us, but they were manning the house and pets and jobs back in Texas.  They were not sad to miss the hours and hours cooped up in a car, and they enjoyed keeping their own schedule (playing music and dribbling basketball in the house until 2 am!).  When we got back to Texas, the house was reasonably tidy and everyone was doing fine.  Although I miss all the green, I always am glad to get back to my OWN house, and I was glad to have the family all back together after being scattered for a month.  Is this how you feel after a trip?


  1. I'm always glad to get home after a vacation, too. The pictures are nice, especially the waterfall.

  2. Yes, I whole-heartedly agree! My momma always said that was the best part of taking off for somewhere new; the joy of coming home again. :) You were near me during this trip. I'm in East TN, and we frequent the mountains quite a bit. Restorative for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, I am always awed by adventurous souls! It does look like lots of fun though! Beautiful surroundings.

    And to answer your question...yes, indeed. I am always glad to get back home after a trip, especially one that did not include all of the family members. There's just something about home...

  4. Fabulous pics Angela! And what fun was clearly had! I would have been like your daughter wanting to reach out and touch those magnificent falls! Not so sure about the brave leap off the rock into the pool though I bet your son loved it! You did make me laugh about your two eldest dribbling a basketball inside the house until 2.00am! And yes, there is nothing quite like home and being among all one's familiar things again however a good it's been to be away. Glad you are glad to be back! E x

  5. This was while I was on blogging break...so, so pretty. You really had a great summer...productive as well as a memory maker for the family...and time with extended family...priceless. I must put this place on my want to go list!

  6. I also have memories of a wonderful granite slab - at church camp no less! - that we would whoosh down into a cold pool. Way more than 30 yrs ago, tho'... Thanks for the memory - great photo!


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