Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simplicity 2205 -- Clutch

After the success of the pleated bag of Simplicity 2205, my daughter decided to make the clutch purse from the same pattern as a gift for a friend.  The instructions were well laid out, and the purse turned out exactly like the LINE DRAWING on the pattern instruction sheet, but.......the photographs of the clutch on the front of the pattern (see above) are actually UPSIDE DOWN.  If you want to see what the clutch really looks like, turn your head and look at the clutch from the opposite direction.

I don't really blame the photographer -- it looks like that is the way the clutch should go.  To my daughter and to me, the clutch just didn't look right the other way, and we just couldn't get past it.  It was hard to waste all that work and expense, so my daughter decided to cut off the top third of the bag and fix it like so:
The disadvantage to this is that the top is open and it's a little easier to lose things out of it.
Although the clutch still turned out cute, she will not remake the clutch part of the pattern because of these issues.  If you decide to make it, look carefully at the line drawing on the instruction sheet and make sure you are okay with it fastening from the bottom.

*I am posting a review of this on Pattern Review.  If you are unfamiliar with Pattern Review, it's a helpful resource for sewists.  You can research patterns, sewing machines, etc., read about other people's experiences and learn a lot of helpful tips along the way.


  1. If you could only see me here turning my laptop upside down!!

    That would have confused me to no end. I wonder how long it would have taken me to figure out what was wrong.

    The clutch is cute upside down OR right side up though.

  2. Cute...and oh I am learning from nice to be nudged into sewing has been so long!!

    You go girl....

  3. So annoying when patterns do this and one never discovers until after the point of no return has been passed in my experience. I think your daughter's solution is the best option and the result looks lovely and summery. Just the thing to accompany a floaty summer dress. What a nice present. E x


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