Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday Motion

My husband usually takes Mondays off, and consequently our day usually gets off to a leisurely start.  But this week he was up and out of the house early, and so I could set my own agenda.  (I don't know if it's just me or what, but I have trouble focusing on my tasks if there is anyone else around.)  I've definitely been feeling the need to revamp my housecleaning routines, so I decided to use this Monday to do an all around straightening up, and then the rest of the week focus on bedrooms (this week is zone 4-- Master Bedroom on the Flylady system).

I love Flylady, I just need to tweak her system a little to fit my needs.  So I swished and swiped my bathroom, made my bed, did a five minute tidy in my bedroom, and threw some laundry in (with seven people in the household laundry gets backed up if I skip even one day).

I spent yesterday doing some of this:

And I whisked my way around the house with this:
The purple feather shows it is a Flylady duster
I windexed everything that could get windexed:

And I took my trusty central vacuum on a tour of the house:

When we moved into this house I didn't even own a vacuum.  All the floors were either tile or laminate and I thought I would just sweep them.  Which I did, for two years.  Sweeping is quiet and uses no electricity -- two things it's got going for it.  But it's hard to get ALL the dirt up, and I started to crave the satisfaction of watching a vacuum simply -- if loudly -- suck the dirt away.

I was on the lookout for a vacuum -- one that could handle dog hair -- when I remembered that our house had actually come with a central vacuum.  I just had never used it and we didn't have it hooked up.  Why buy a vacuum when there is already an expensive one attached to the house?  We found someone to inspect it and give it a tune-up, and we (my husband)  had to do some minor attic work, and then we were in business.

The central vacuum does a great job and it's only loud out in the garage where the motor is, but you have to be careful, because it has a LOONG hose.  Last year I was happily vacuuming away and had (unwisely) taken the attachment off the end to reach into a tight space by my bed, when SOMETHING got sucked into the hose and got stuck.  I tried for several weeks to unclog the hose, to no avail, so I finally had to confess to the vacuum cleaner repairman what had happened.  He came out to the house (yes, they are a wonderful company -- they make house calls:), and he's probably around my age, very dapper, and very formal.  I explained to him what happened, but the worst part was I didn't really know what had gotten sucked up.  I knew it was some kind of fabric -- my worst fear was that it was a pair of my underwear (YIKES) -- so I told him I couldn't guarantee what was in that hose.  I was trying to make jovial banter, but he took it all with a straight face, bless his heart.  I don't think he quite knew how to respond to that kind of information.

He -- kind of like the Grinch -- said he would take the hose THERE (to his shop) and fix it, and then bring it back HERE (to my house), which he did.  Thankfully, it ended up being a bandana, of all things, and the whole thing ended up costing me somewhere around $20.  So, I am their loyal customer, and I also try very hard not to suck up Unidentified Objects.

My plan -- for now -- is to try to make Mondays an all-around cleaning day, and save more specialized jobs for later in the week.  But housekeeping is not my forte -- if I were a servant I would have to be a laundress or a cook instead -- so we will see how it goes.  The main thing is I have to keep at it because I don't want the dust bunnies -- or in this case the dog hair -- to completely take over my house.


  1. Well, it looks like you and I both had cleaning on our minds yesterday ;). Although, I can see you got a lot more done than I did. I've wondered about central vacuums -- glad to hear you like yours. Maybe someday . . .

  2. Like you I would make a better laundress or cook than a duster or vacuumer! I have a confession too - I have one of those beautiful feather dusters made from ostrich feathers but have decided it's too beautiful actually to use on the dust! yes, I know crazy or what?! I l also have a rather beautiful German-made goat-hair brush on an angled wooden stick for dusting awkward corners and yes, you've guessed, it also is far too nice to use to clean anything. It would make the exquisitely soft ivory hair all nasty, grey and dirty! It's really more suitable as a giant face powder brush! Don't worry I haven't tried this! I sympathise with the unknown getting sucked into the vacuum hose - you are lucky to be able to call on someone to come and unblock it though! Here the vacuum cleaner is renowned for swallowing H's headphones left inadvertently on the floor when the hoover man approaches. They don't emerge well. Glad it's generally not me who is the culprit. My husband is quite often the hoover mover for which I am eternally grateful as I hate the things - heavy, noisy and unpredictable! am fascinated by the idea of a centrally installed vacuum cleaner - have no idea how such a thing would work. Where does all the dirt go? Happy house-sorting! E xx

  3. Hello! So glad you stopped by my blog for a visit! I enjoyed visiting here as well. I have always wondered about those central vacuums. Sounds good. haha on the bandana...I looked back on your post with the notecards from Vee's party. What a gorgeous yard! Hope your having a good day. Blessings, Debbie

  4. Well I am not even addressing house cleaning in my reality check season...I truly don't want to know. I did go to a friend's house, with seven people and you know what?...it was spotless...I thought now Janette what is your excuse. I am realizing I have lowered my standards a little too low...more on the lazy side...so maybe I will take a look at a new cleaning schedule, well after I get a dryer!!

  5. We had a built in vacuum in one house and I loved it. I think it's much more effective than a pull around one. Interesting story = so glad it wasn't underwear that got caught!

  6. That was an awkward yet funny experience, Angela! Now, I'm sure you are more careful in using your central vacuum system; it'll not suck unidentified objects again. Anyway, it was a good idea that you've finally decided to use your central vacuum system instead of just ignoring it. More houses have built in central vacuum systems today. And I'm proud to say that I'm part of that.


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